Sell Your Used Multivac Packaging Equipment

Multivac machines are used in the packaging of food products, be it trays, film pouches or vacuum packs, they help to extend the shelf life of the final product and maintain the quality of the food from production to consumer.

If you have any Multivac machines you are looking to sell, please contact us on 01952 454385, or fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you.

We frequently purchase these used Multivac models.


  • Multivac R085
  • Multivac R095
  • Multivac R105
  • Multivac R125
  • Multivac R126
  • Multivac R140
  • Multivac R145
  • Multivac R230
  • Multivac R240
  • Multivac R245
  • Multivac R250 Formshrink
  • Multivac R260
  • Multivac R270 Darfresh
  • Multivac R330
  • Multivac R530
  • Multivac R535
  • Multivac R550 Formshrink
  • Multivac R555 Formshrink
  • Multivac R570 Darfresh
  • Multivac R575 Darfresh

Chamber Machines

  • Multivac C200
  • Multivac C300
  • Multivac C500
  • Multivac C700

Tray Sealers

  • Multivac T200
  • Multivac T250
  • Multivac T300
  • Multivac T350
  • Multivac T400
  • Multivac T600
  • Multivac T700
  • Multivac T800

Shrink Tunnels

  • Multivac SE100
  • Multivac SE110
  • Multivac SE130
Used Multivac