Sell Your Used Refrigeration Equipment Industrial Freezing Machines

Every freezer needs refrigeration equipment. The refrigeration consists of the compressor, condenser and evaporator. 

If you have any refrigeration you are looking to sell, please contact us on  01952 454385, or fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you.

We purchase used refrigeration equipment by Sabroe, GEA-Grasso, Mycom, Carrier, Howden, Aerzen, York, Stal, Bitzer, DMW Copeland, Danfoss, Prestcold, Delta, Helpman, Güntner, Goedhart, Luvata.

We frequently purchase the below Refrigeration models

  • Carrier AQUA Force 30XW
  • Ziegra Ice machine
  • GEA Grasso 2X RC412 Cooling Compressor
  • GEA Grasso SR-S48S-28 Cooling Compressor
  • GEA Grasso SR-S48S-28 Cooling Compressor
  • Sabroe VMY 436MA2 Cooling Compressor
  • Sabroe VMY 436 B Cooling Compressor
  • Sabroe VMY 336 M Cooling Compressor
  • Sabroe SMC 112L Cooling Compressor
  • Sabroe 163HF (container)
  • MYCOM VMD 250-LBX Cooling Compressor (container)
  • York XJF120M (container)
  • GEA Grasso RC46 Cooling Compressor
  • Sabroe HPC 106S Cooling Compressor
  • Sabroe HPC 104S Cooling Compressor
Used Refrigeration Equipment