Sell Your Used Tumblers Fish Processing Machinery

Tumblers can be used in many different ways, they can be used for mixing, marinating, tenderising and seasoning. It's main purpose though is to bring salt soluble proteins to the surface without damaging the product, this helps to dissolve water into the product and dissolve seasoning to improve the taste.

If you have a tumbler you are looking to sell, please contact us on 01952 454385, or fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you.

We purchase used vacuum tumblers by Lutetia, Dorit, Inject Star, Gernal, Orbix, Henneken, Gunther, Glass, Nowicki, Rühle, Promax, Eller, Metalquimia, Germo, Röschermatic, Schröder, Suhner.

We frequently purchase these used models.

  • Nowicki Pass-through massager MA-P-2500PS
  • Nowicki MA-2800 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-200 PS
  • Nowicki MA-500 PS
  • Nowicki MA-1000 PS
  • Nowicki MA-1500 PS
  • Nowicki MA-2000 PS
  • Nowicki MA-3600 PS
  • Nowicki MA-5400 PS
  • Nowicki MA-7200 PS
  • Nowicki MA-10000 PS
  • Nowicki MA-200 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-500 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-1000 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-1500 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-2000 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-3600 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-5400 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-7200 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-10000 PSCH
  • Nowicki MAH-3200 PSCH
  • Nowicki MAH-5200 PSCH
  • Nowicki MAH-7200 PSCH
  • Nowicki MAH-10200 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-G-500 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-G-1000 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-G-1500 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-G-2000 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-G-3600 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-G-5400 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-G-7200 PSCH
  • Nowicki MA-G-10000 PSCH
  • Nowicki MAH-3200 PS / D
  • Nowicki MAH-5200 PS / D
  • Nowicki MAH-7200 PS / D
  • Nowicki MAH-10200 PS / D
Used Tumblers