Sell Your Used Post-bake Machines Bakery Machines

Post-bake Machinery is used at the end of a bakery production line to weigh, slice, bag or label products ready for shipping. Labellers, coders, bread slicers, flowrappers, L-Sealers and other packaging machines can all be part of a post-bake process. 

If you have any post-bake machinery you are looking to sell, please contact us on 01902 296679, or fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you.

We purchase used post-bake machines by Wolf Verpakungsmachinen, Buhmann, Collomat, Lantech, Soco System, Normpack, Racupack, Pattyn, Linx, Weber Marking Systems, Toshiba, Krones, Garvens, Mettler Toledo, Systec, Sartorius, Affeldt, O/K International, Pfeiffer, Ilapak, Rembrandt Packaging, Schur, Bedo Verpackungstechnik, Solas Holland.

Used Post-bake Machines