Sell Your Used Ovens Bakery Machines

Ovens are an integral part of any bakery line, they use hot air to continuously cook the bread as it passes through, ensuring the bread is uniformly heated to create a consistent end product.

 If you have any industrial ovens you are looking to sell, please contact us on 01902 296679, or fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you.

We purchase used ovens by Winkler, Bongard, Werner & Pfleiderer, Heuft, Wiesheu, MIWE, Friedrich, UNOX, Sveba Dahlen, Convotherm, Rational, Leventi, Wiesheu, Hein, Revent, S.A. Tiffon, Eloma, Daub, Artofex, Franke, Hobart, Poli.


Used Ovens