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Dough handling is an important part of the bakery production line, it includes moulding and dividing dough consistently to help create a wide range of different bread products. There are many types of dough handling machines such as bread plants, dividers and moulders that create products of various shapes and sizes. 

If you have a dough handling machine you are looking to sell, please contact us on 01952 454385, or fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you. 

We purchase used dough handling machines by Fritsch, Sasib Bakery, Emil Kemper, Beko, Seewer Rondo, Rademaker, Tromp, Rheon, Universum, Schäferlein, Benier, Gostol, Kalmeijer, Rollfix, Gefra, Bertrand, Kolb, Winkler.

We frequently purchase these used models.

  • Esmach DVMach Evo Automatic Hydraulic Divider
  • Esmach E-ROUND Divider rounder for round buns-rolls
  • Esmach DIE/37 Divider with hexagon divisions
  • Esmach SP Automatic volumetric divider
  • Esmach PO ID93 Oscillating cylinder hydraulic divider
  • Esmach AC Conical rounder
  • Esmach E-FOR EVO Moulder for rolled bread
  • Esmach EGR-2B Evo Automatic group for rolled bread
  • Esmach FFBT Evo Long loaf moulder for "baguettes"
  • Esmach SFN Dough Sheeter
  • Esmach CROY 3000 Automatic group for croissants
  • Kilia Divider-Rounder KDR S
  • Kilia Divider-Rounder KDR M
  • Kilia Divider-Rounder KDR L
  • Kilia Dough Sheeter KDS S
  • Kilia Dough Sheeter KDS M
  • Kilia Dough Sheeter KDS L
  • Kilia Molder KM M
  • Kilia Molder KM L
Used Dough Handling Machines