Sell Your Used Food Weighing Systems Meat Processing Machinery

Food weighing systems are designed to ensure the product is packed in the correct weights, this is an important part of any packaging section of a production line as it can save any surplus product and reduce costs.

Numerous types of scales are generally used depending on their characteristics and the product type being dispensed. Accuracy is of the utmost importance during this stage to maximise the savings these machines can make.

Multi-headed Weighers

Multi-headed weighers are fast and accurate and mainly used for smaller products units. Multi-headed weighers are often used for beans, cherry tomatoes, pre-cut fruits, crisps and many more food types.

Belt/Mechanical Scale

Belt/mechanical scales are used for larger products such as onions, potatoes, beets, carrots and any other coarse vegetables. They use containers connected to digital or mechanical scales and will stop once a set weight is reached ready for emptying before the cycle begins again.

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We purchase used food weighing systems by Ishida, Multipond, Yamato, Ward Bekker, Bilwinco, Newtec, Sermax, Skillpack, Cabinplant.

Used Food Weighing Systems